When looking for bathroom inspiration you will come across endless ideas; from large family bathrooms to spa-like sanctuaries. Whether you are planning a bathroom remodel or a complete renovation, it is important to consider various bathroom layouts and all the potential bathroom plans available to you. At JPR Bathrooms, we work with all interior measurements to create your dream bathroom, regardless of its shape or size.

Planning a bathroom renovation?

Here are some things to consider before you come in for your free design appointment.

Colour Scheme

Choosing your colour scheme can be difficult, but it’s important as your bathroom should make you feel calm, and reflect your own unique personality. You can create bold statements with a monochrome combination of black, white and greys. Or you can design a zen space keeping your palette neutral with warm tones. If you want to show off more of your personality throughout your bathroom, add a pop of colour to your palette that reflects you. Whatever colour scheme you go for, tailor it to your style and it will never tire.


Materials can make or break a bathroom, so you want to select the perfect combination of high quality fixtures, fitting and tiles, to create a timeless masterpiece. Your variety of materials should flow seamlessly from floor to ceiling. Texture can enhance a space to please the eye without compromising the ambience and palette of the bathroom. Patterned tiles is also a way to add unique personality and quirkiness to your bathroom. Whatever tiles, tones and textures you choose, make sure they complement each other and the overall aesthetic. 


Choosing your bathroom furniture can be the most difficult decision so it’s important you understand your functional needs that you require from your bathroom in your day-to-day life, but also invest in your aesthetic desires and how you want the finished product to look. From free-standing baths and wall-hung vanity units, to whirlpool tubs and walk-in rainfall showers, the options are endless when designing your luxury bathroom, shower room or wet room.

Finishing touches

It’s all in the detail! Consider what’s important to you when using the space. Do you want good light to apply make up, or do you want to feel relaxed with soft ambient lighting? Do you love to sing in the shower, or watch your favourite TV shows when taking a bath? The small details and finishing touches are what takes your bathroom to another level. Enhance your space with LED mirrors, accent lighting, underfloor heating, wall mounted TVs, digital speakers, or all of the above! 

Need some inspiration?

Whatever kind of space you have, we have experience of designing and fitting a bathroom that will suit your needs. Our experienced team will guide you through the design process with a free 3D design visit. You’ll get to see what your dream bathroom will look like using cutting edge technology.

Modern Bathroom Ideas

Combine clean lines, varying textures and minimalist colour palettes for the ultimate modern bathroom design. A modern bathroom is a space that should be a sanctuary for the senses, where you can go to relax and unwind. Discover the distinct aesthetic of many contemporary bathrooms.

Small Bathroom Ideas

Designing a dream bathroom with limited space can be a challenge but a small bathroom doesn’t need to be boring. Experiment with your colour scheme and discover how to utilise every inch of space, from floor to ceiling. No space is too small for JPR bathrooms, find out more about our small bathroom designs.

Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

Your en-suite should reflect you and your lifestyle as it is one of the most used spaces within your home. Whether you’re getting motivated in the morning or unwinding in the evening, your ensuite should have every necessary functionality, without compromising your utmost comfort and luxury.

Visit our showroom for more inspiration…

Our bathroom designers and fitters are highly experienced in developing contemporary, luxury bathrooms in a variety of bespoke designs and sizes. We can show you a wide range of exciting ideas to suit your needs and bathroom dreams.

Visiting our showroom is the perfect way to get the inspiration you need and gain insight and advice from experienced professionals. 

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